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Comparable to Mordecai's Action Skill from the first Borderlands game, in the sense that the gun targets enemies and fires at them until it collides/after a set time of being reloaded. As Tediore reloads do not break Zero's Action Skill, this gun can be used to devastating effect by Assassins. It has unlimited ammo when tracking enemies.

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Deliverance is a legendary shotgun in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Tediore. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot sourcebut has an increased chance to drop from Tumbaalocated in Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. 1 Special Weapon Effects 2 Usage & Description 3 Notes 4 Trivia Kiki got a shotgunReload-thrown weapon continues to fire after thrown and homes in on targets. Low burst damage this is one of my clips from my play through wining a orange weapons and heres a few tips on getting 1 for yourself get at me on XBL - E FooLy Borderlands 2: Sanctuary Glitches and Secret Spots! (Under Map, Secret Rooms and more!) - Duration: 13:00. NerosLetsPlays 1,141,075 views

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Jun 10, 2019 · It’s E3 week and Borderlands 2 has gained a new lease on life with the release of the Commander Lilith and Fight for Sanctuary DLC. Here’s where to find Uranus and farm Effervescent weapons

Ive killed him like 12 times by now and got a bunch of Terra mods for Gunzerker, Assassin, Commando and Siren(no Mech, i did find 1 blue lvl 50 mech mod but didnt loot it) but no weapons. I also got some other lvl 50 orange class mods(not terra mods, just orange mods) sosince i have too many of those i will just hand them out to whoever borderlands 3, borderlands, borderlands 2, fl4k beastmaster, amara siren, moze gunner, mecha iron bear, zane operative, troy and tyreen calypso, cult leading twins, borderlands 3, borderlands 3, borderlands 3, borderlands 3, men s borderlands 3, borderlands 3, action role playing borderlands 3, first person shooter video game borderlands 3 Mar 15, 2015 · Since Hyperius was level 74 (in UVHM) I reckon it would have taken 2-300 hits to do the job. ie. useless. Not one of my better purchases, considering how many bosses you have to kill and only get 10-15 seraph crystals as a reward each time.